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9 Mile Tees Fast Screen Printing in Albuquerque offers customizable t-shirt designs that are hand-printed in-house for a fraction of the price of other competitors. Owner Chris Moore had the innovative idea of making affordable t-shirts with the fastest turnaround time in the business, which has made 9 Miles Tees the printing shop of choice for many local patrons. Thematic design offerings include numerous topics such as sports, business, college, military, religious, mascots, and holidays.

People love the idea of being able to personalize their paraphernalia. With no shortage of demand for customized clothing and plenty of vendors who specialize in it, 9 Mile Tees had to differentiate itself somehow. Moore founded his business in 2013 thanks to his idea to make custom t-shirts at a faster pace and lower price than the competition. With a turnaround time of four to five days on orders of less than one hundred items and with no other fees of any kind, 9 Mile Tees has gained an edge over some of the biggest players in the industry. Being able to provide the fastest screen print service in the southwestern U.S. at potentially some of the cheapest prices gives them a major advantage over their competition.

“From the first shirt that was put on my press at home, I knew that I could take this business from the garage into a small shop and still give my customers the service they need as well as the cheap prices they deserve,” recalls Moore. Taking his entrepreneurial expertise from his home-base operation to a full-fledged business took planning and hard work. Through his small business, Moore wants to bring people closer together through fostering solidarity and team spirit. With fast processing, courteous customer service, and the latest name brand apparel, 9 Mile Tees are making serious waves.

“9 Mile Tees’ mission is to unite people through the power of custom t-shirts from companies and charity events to schools and family reunions,” underscores Moore. With a keen focus on customer care and high quality products, affordable t-shirts, sweatshirts, polos, tank tops, athletic wear, tote bags, and safety gear can be provided to clients. 9 Mile Tees also carries the hottest music and pop-culture apparel, branded merchandise and fashion accessories that are trendy and comfortable. “If it’s new and now, you can find it at 9 Mile Tees,” adds Moore.

The 9 Mile Tees website offers a “Design Studio” function, which allows you to create your very own designs from scratch. Essentially working on a blank, you can select the type of product you want, the color, text, and artwork, which you can choose to upload yourself or work within the company’s portfolio of design ideas and clipart. Their clipart library includes a wide range of categories with over twenty five genres to choose from.

9 Mile Tees has ensured an interesting collection of artistic ideas for its clients, which means that they can choose to create a completely unique design or work with existing ideas provided on the company’s site. After you complete your design, you can add any special instructions to the manufacturer, submit and pay for your purchase. It’s an easy process and 9 Mile Tees hopes that the final product will feel like your own, personal creation.

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